They’ll be Right Over with Our Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe

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Happy Day After Thanksgiving! Today is almost as good as the actual day, isn’t it? For foodies everywhere, leftovers mean three important things:

  1. More delicious food
  2. Full bellies
  3. Reliving the glory of Thanksgiving dinner

On the day after Thanksgiving, treat yourself to a Wholly Delicious, Wholly Gluten Free, Wholly Stuffed treat! There’s only one way to revamp all of that tasty food from the day before …

Our chefs over here asked themselves, “How can we take the best of our favorite Thanksgiving Day food and combine it to make a leftover masterpiece?”

After testing and re-testing, we found it. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Calzone. Enjoy!

Tweet: It’s the day after #Thanksgiving and #leftovers are already on our mind! This #recipe rules all:
It’s the day after #Thanksgiving and #leftovers are already on our mind! This #recipe rules all:

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Calzone


  • 1 Wholly Wholesome Gluten Free Pizza Dough Ball
  • 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 pound turkey, sliced
  • 1/2 cup stuffing
  • 2-3 cups fresh spinach
  • 1/2 pound organic reduced fat provolone cheese, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 cup cranberry sauce
  • 1/4 cup gravy


  1. Defrost pizza dough completely and preheat oven to 425°F.
  2. Spread 1/2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil onto a clean wooden cutting board or surface to prevent dough from sticking.
  3. Roll out dough on oiled surface until 1/2 inch thick.
  4. Spread gravy onto rolled out pizza dough.
  5. Layer the turkey, stuffing, spinach, provolone cheese and cranberry sauce.
  6. Starting at one of the smaller ends of the dough, gently start rolling the dough until the entire dough is rolled.
  7. Place dough onto an oiled baking sheet, seam side down.
  8. Brush the remainder of the extra virgin olive oil onto the top of the stromboli so the crust browns.
  9. Place dough into the oven for 20-25 minutes or until the dough is fully cooked through.

Cap it All Off for National Cappuccino Day

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What’s the perfect sweet delicacy to serve at every book club? Every dinner party? Every girls’ night in?

This National Cappuccino Day, curl up with a great book, the perfect cup of cappuccino … and a big slice of Dreamy Cappuccino Pie! Wholly delicious and the perfect balance of whimsical and “grown up”, this is one recipe everyone will fall head over heels for!

Tweet: Calling all #coffee lovers! Got a #SweetTooth? This #recipe is the best of both worlds:
Calling all #coffee lovers! Got a #SweetTooth? This #recipe is the best of both worlds:

The United States is the leading consumer of coffee in the world, drinking 400 million cups of coffee per day. Save a coffee cup … eat pie!

Dreamy Cappuccino Pie



  1. Beat pudding mix, coffee and milk in medium bowl with whisk 2 min. Stir in 1 1/2 cups whipped topping.
  2. Pour into crust; top with remaining whipped topping.
  3. Refrigerate 2 hours or until firm.

Have Fun with Fondue This Month

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If you’re not celebrating #NationalFunWithFondueMonth, then you’re not living! From ooey, gooey cheese to silky smooth chocolate, there’s nothing not to love! (We love it so much, we just used a double negative!)

With one Wholly Delicious ingredient and endless possibilities, you can take this tasty cool-weather treat to the next level!

Tweet: Melt into #Fall with a fondue #recipe…Paired with pizza dough? #Delicious!
Melt into #Fall with a fondue #recipe…Paired with pizza dough? #Delicious!

As the national dish of Switzerland, fondue lives up to its name, meaning “to melt” in French. We’ve fallen in love with this food. Make it savory or make it sweet. Just make it your own!

Try Rachael Ray’s rich Chocolate Fondue. Ready to dig in? Reach for our Wholly Gluten Free Pizza Dough Ball for two out-of-this-world dippers! Simply delicious!

Gluten Free French Style Beignets: These aren’t just fancy-schmancy donuts … These are fancy-schmancy Wholly Gluten Free donuts. Perfect for enjoying fondue.

Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls: Roll our Gluten Free Pizza Dough Ball out into a 12-inch by 8-inch rectangle. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle liberally with cinnamon, sugar and a pinch of salt. Roll up tightly to form an 8-inch cylinder. Cut into 1-inch slices and arrange in a round, buttered baking dish. Let rise in the dish for about 20 minutes, then bake at 375°F for 15-17 minutes, until brown and puffy. Let it cool slightly and dip into chocolate fondue. Yum!

12 of our easiest pizza recipes

 - by Wholly Wholesome

It’s already the end of October! Spooky, isn’t it? If you thought you missed #NationalPizzaMonth, think again! We’re kicking it into overdrive and bringing you 12 of Wholly Delicious pizza recipes.

From our test kitchen to yours, we’ve got a pizza for every occasion. And don’t worry- we’ve even got a few ghoul-ish recipes to keep the kiddos happy this Halloween. So what do you say? Let’s scare up some pizza!

Tweet: 12 to-die-for #pizza #recipes you absolutely CAN’T miss this #NationalPizzaMonth:
12 to-die-for #pizza #recipes you absolutely CAN’T miss this #NationalPizzaMonth:

12 Days of Pizza (Wholly Wholesome Style!)

  1. Football Pizza Pockets: Got a big game? Fuel up with this themed recipe!
  2. Smoked Salmon Pizza: Don’t worry. It just sounds fancy!
  3. Gluten Free Meat Lovers Pizza: Need we say more?
  4. Breakfast Pizza: See pizza #1. Top with slices of provolone cheese, scrambled eggs and cooked bacon.
  5. Spinach and Turkey Stromboli: Not technically pizza. But you get the same delicious idea!
  6. S’mores Pockets: See pizza #5. Stuff with crushed graham cracker, mini marshmallows and pieces of milk chocolate bar.
  7. Gluten Free Caprese Pizza Bites: See pizza #2. Replace toppings with fresh basil, shredded mozzarella cheese and cherry tomato.
  8. Gluten Free Margherita Pizza: Simple yet elegant.
  9. Rosemary and Potato Pizza: See pizza #8. Replace toppings with a drizzle of olive oil, garlic cloves, new potatoes (thinly sliced with a vegetable peeler), thick slices of brie, one sprig of rosemary, leaves picked, and black pepper.
  10. Gluten Free Deep Dish Pizza Bites: Adorable and just the right size!
  11. Loaded Fajita Pockets: See pizza #10. Stuff with salsa, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, onion, diced bell pepper and avocado. Serve with sour cream.
  12. Cheese, Rosemary and Pepperoni Pizza: See pizza #1. Top with your favorite cheese, pepperoni and a dash of rosemary.

Going gluten free with ease

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One in 141 Americans have Celiac Disease, many of which go undiagnosed. What does this mean? Well … we’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that we’ll be tiptoeing around the dessert table at our next party!

Come on! It’s a party! With a little help from Wholly Wholesome, it’s easy to throw a get-together that everyone can enjoy – from the gluten sensitive to the gluten intolerant!

Even if being gluten free is not a lifestyle choice or something that affects your everyday life, it is important to consider your guests needs when hosting family and friends at your home.

Tweet: It's #CeliacAwarenessMonth! Throw a #party that tastes as #yummy as it looks!
It’s #CeliacAwarenessMonth! Throw a #party that tastes as #yummy as it looks!

Hosting Tip:

If you choose to invite a guest that is gluten free, providing him or her with food to suit their needs is only appropriate.

There are, however, ways to prepare the food you serve so that it caters to everyone. Try our classic Gluten Free French Style Beignets whether they are vegan, gluten free, or neither! Plus, with our Wholly Gluten Free Pie Shells, Pizza Dough Ball and Fudge Brownies, you can’t go wrong. Think about it. No one wants to miss out on dessert!

More and more families have subscribed to a gluten free lifestyle for their children. It’s easy to make everyone feel welcome at your next party.


Going back in style for National Dessert Month

 - by Wholly Wholesome

It’s #NationalDessertMonth! C’mon. We know you don’t have just one sweet tooth. Bring all your sweet teeth and get ready to chow down on our most scrumptious desserts to date!

Tweet: We  sharing…Will U share UR fave #dessert #recipes with us this #NationalDessertMonth?
We <3 sharing…Will U share UR fave #dessert #recipes with us this #NationalDessertMonth?

We’re traveling back in time! Help us celebrate our best Wholly Wholesome desserts through the years. Are you ready? We’re going vintage!

1972 Apple Crisp Pie: We’re honoring the founding of Wholly Wholesome with a very special recipe. It takes us back to 1972 and reminds us that some things really do get better with age!

1987 Fruit Jewel Pie: This is the year Wholly Wholesome really dedicated itself to all-natural baked goods and desserts we could feel good about making. Look how far we’ve come! This yummy dessert elevates each ingredient by highlighting its natural flavor … Just as nature intended!

1990 Aunt Bonnie’s Pecan Pie: Welcome to the decade of grunge. While this phase may have come and gone, we continued to bake simple desserts with clean ingredients and still do today. Go classic!

2015 Gluten Free Margherita Pizza: Say goodbye to nonsense and hello to transparency! Today, we’re inspired … By you! You asked for your Wholly Delicious desserts to be guilt-free, and you got it! Welcome to the era of clean eating!

You’ll fall in love with these pies

 - by Wholly Wholesome

This has been a busy month! So far, we’ve celebrated National Breakfast Month and Whole Grains Month. To top things off, we’re jumpstarting into Fall!

Picture this: The green of summer has begun to leave and the vibrant colors of autumn replace it. As you sit inside, all cozy and warm, you watch the trees and count leaf after leaf of gorgeous red, inviting orange, and deep maroon fall to the ground. You smell the delicious scent of a Wholly Wholesome Apple Pie happily baking in the oven. It’s Fall!

Tweet: We love autumn! Fall in #love with #pie this season. It’s more than a sweet treat:
We love autumn! Fall in #love with #pie this season. It’s more than a sweet treat:

Yes, we love this season, and by the time you finish reading this blog, you will too! Find your 5 Wholly Delicious pies to fall for here!

  1. Cheesecake Pie: Creamy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Let’s get cooking!
  2. Aunt Bonnie’s Pecan Pie: Aunt Bonnie left us one heck of recipe … Sweet and gooey pecan pie!
  3. Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie: Take this classic to a whole new level!
  4. Apple Crisp Pie: Helloooo fall! A few minutes in the oven and your kitchen is bound to smell heavenly.
  5. Whipped Cream Pie: Got a sweet tooth? This yummy pie is just for you!

Great gains for whole grain

 - by Wholly Wholesome

(Your eyes being … yours. The Wholly Wholesome lover sitting in front of your computer screen there!)

… Shhhh. We’re making Whole Grains Month exciting again! Say so long to the preach-y blogs of yore. We know how important it is to get our whole grains in! The reason many of us aren’t? Because we don’t know how to make them delicious!

Tweet: #WholeGrainsMonth gets a makeover. Read it here. Read it first! #WhollyDelicious
#WholeGrainsMonth gets a makeover. Read it here. Read it first! #WhollyDelicious

Wholly Wholesome is the perfect way to sneak in a little fiber here and a few vitamins and minerals there. Helloooo whole grains! Make these yummy recipes this month, but don’t tell anyone they’re (shudder) healthy!

… Oh, what are we saying!? Tell everyone you know!

Lighter Brunch Quiche: Our Whole Wheat Organic Pie Shell adds a little oomph and the egg whites and veggies give it the savory flavor you crave in the morning!

Aunt Bonnie’s Low Glycemic Pecan Pie: Aunt Bonnie would be proud. Try her famous pecan pie made in our Organic Spelt Pie Shell!

Roll out of bed with a little cinnamon and pecan

 - by Wholly Wholesome

We all know that you did not wake up like this. So why pretend like you did? This #NationalBreakfastMonth, embrace the morning in all of its bed-head, sleepy-eyed glory!

Breakfast-skippers, listen up! This is the month you’ll learn to love breakfast again with every crumb of Wholly Delicious Cinnamon-Pecan Roll that’s placed in front of you!

Tweet: RT if you did NOT wake up like this. All hail the #BedHead! It’s #NationalBreakfastMonth!
RT if you did NOT wake up like this. All hail the #BedHead! It’s #NationalBreakfastMonth!

Say good morning and truly mean it with these 4 recipes straight from the people who love Wholly Wholesome most … us! Find them all here:

  1. Gluten Free Country Quiche Lorraine: A country-style breakfast is a hearty way to start the day. Yum!
  2. Lighter Brunch Quiche: Egg whites and lots of veggies make this an irresistible morning treat.
  3. Vegetable Feta Quiche: Vegetables or feta? How about vegetables and feta? Yes and yes!
  4. Smoked Salmon (Breakfast) Pizza: Made with our Gluten Free Pizza Dough Ball, this recipe will inspire you to eat pizza ‘round the clock!

How to Make Your Favorite
Desserts Healthier

 - by Wholly Wholesome

We’re jazzed about bringing you the best in all-natural desserts! From Wholly Gluten Free Pizza Dough to Crumblettes, there’s so much to love. We’re just as excited to share with you
5 simple ways to make your favorite desserts even healthier!

Tweet: Everyone loves a great #baking substitution. Aim for #healthy with #WhollyWholesome here:
Everyone loves a great #baking substitution. Aim for #healthy with #WhollyWholesome here:

Top 5 Baking Substitutions for Healthier Baking:

1. Black beans for flour. Purèed, black beans act as a great substitute for flour. Bonus! They also add protein and can help make your recipe gluten free!

2. Unsweetened applesauce for sugar. Don’t cut back on the sweetness! This substitution will make any dessert you make guilt-free. Baker beware: For every cup of applesauce you use, reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe by 1/4 cup.

3. Wholly Gluten Free Pie Shell for … Anything your little heart desires! Our pie shell is Certified Vegan and Certified Gluten Free! Yum!

4. Chia seeds for eggs. Let one tablespoon of chia seeds soak in 1 cup of water for 15 minutes and voila! You’ve got a superfood substitution for an egg! Vegans, rejoice!

5. Avocado for butter. This healthy fat is rich, creamy, and the perfect substitute for any recipe that calls for heavy butter.


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