Last Minute Baking Tips

 - by Wholly Wholesome

Are your pie shells nut free and allergy friendly?

Wholly Gluten Free Pie Shells made in a dedicated Allergy Friendly bakehouse and are free from Wheat, Dairy, Casein, Egg, Soy, Peanut, Tree Nut, and Sesame. They are kosher parve.

Wholly Wholesome Organic pie shells are free from peanuts and tree nuts, Dairy Free, Vegan and are produced on dedicated lines in a dedicated section in a bakery separate and apart from our Gluten Free/Allergy Friendly Bakery.  The pie shells do contain wheat flour and gluten.  They are kosher parve

Our Wholly Wholesome Fruit Pies are Vegan.  They contain wheat/gluten.  Our traditional pumpkin pie contains eggs and milk.  We do produce pies that contain tree nuts and dairy here, so trace amounts may be present.  The bakery is peanut free  All pies are Kosher Dairy since they produced on a shared line with dairy containing pies.

Is the baking powder in your Wholly Gluten Free products corn free?


Is the palm oil used in your products responsibly sourced (RSPO)?


Do I need to par/pre bake my pie shells?

This depends on the type of pie you are baking. In our directions we instruct customers to follow their own recipe. If it says to par bake your shell, then you should. If it does not, then don’t. Examples of pies that typically require par baked shells are, cream pies, ice cream pies and pudding pies.  If they pie will take more than 40 minutes to bake at a temperature over 350, the shell probably does not need to be par baked.

Where are the baking instructions for the Pie Shells?

Just open the package and flip the lid to read! Do Not Peel Off Label!  Baking instructions can also be found on our website here for Wholly Gluten Free or here for Wholly Wholesome Organic.

If I have a larger pie plate to fill, how can I make the Wholly Wholesome & Wholly Gluten Free pie shells bigger?

Take a second to view the video below on our home page. It shows how to thaw, and scoop the dough out of the pie shell tin, put it between the 2 pieces of poly film from the package or wax paper, roll it, or press it out like regular pie dough. If you need to make it double the size, use both pie shells!

Why do I have leftover filling?

Some recipes are sized for larger deep dish pie pans, therefore some recipes may have extra filling. This tends to be common with pumpkin pie recipes.

How do I make a two crust pie with your pie shell?

For the Wholly Wholesome Organic pie shells, let the pie shells come to room temperature, fill the bottom pie shell and invert the other pie tin over the bottom pie shell, pull the tin off and crimp the edge together.  Bakers in a rush may choose not to roll out the top crust, this will result in a more “rustic” or rough looking top crust.  Those seeking a “prettier” smoother pie top will want to roll out the top crust.

How do I thaw out Organic Rolled Pie Dough?

Leave it out to come to room temperature (about 30 minutes), if you don’t have that much time or if the pie dough does not seem soft enough, microwave it for 15 seconds at 50% power or on defrost.  If still not soft enough, try another 15 seconds.

Can I refrigerate my pie shell pie dough

Pie shells can be kept in your refrigerator for a week.  If you have opened the package, place it in a zip lock bag or wrap it in saran to keep it from drying out.

My pie shell has a crack in it, what do I do?

Let the pie shell come to room temperature and use your finger to reseal the crack.  If a piece of the rim has com off you can simply mold it back into place.