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Wholly Wholesome is proud to offer a selection of organic baked goods with gluten free, kosher and yoshon certifications without compromising taste. Our mission is to make desserts that meet the ingredients standards of the natural food consumer - and the taste standards of everyone.

Wholly Wholesome Products

Wholly Wholesome provides truly natural products including pie crusts, pie shells, cookies, cakes, gluten free pizza dough, pies and more! Bring Wholly Wholesome into your home and you can be sure to provide your family with a variety of treats that are ‘Naturally Wholicious’! Our pie shells have been certified Yoshon from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

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Celebrate Banana Month

Did you know that more Americans eat bananas than any other fruit? In fact, we consume more than 26 pounds of bananas each year! Maybe it's because eating a banana has been proven to cheer you up It's true! Bananas are the only fruit known to contain the amino acid tryptophan plus B6. Together these dynamos help our bodies produce seratonin!

Wholly Wholesome Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Ready to get your groove on this month? Try this indulgent Banana Cream Pie recipe. All natural, delicious and just what you need to be inspired to Indulge Wholiciously.

Fun Fact:

Wholly Wholesome BananasA cluster of bananas is formerly called a "hand". Along that theme, a single banana is call a "finger".