National Bake Week

 - by Wholly Wholesome


From April 6-12 we’re celebrating National Bake Week, a time to bust out all of the kitchen utensils that you forgot you had and spend some quality time in the kitchen!

Baking doesn’t require long, drawn-out recipes and obscure ingredients to produce a delicious and mouth-watering dish! Try these Gluten Free French Style Beignets for a sweet treat that sounds fancy, tastes indulgent, but is simple to make!

Gluten Free French Style Beignets



  1. Defrost pizza dough completely.
  2. Add sugar and vanilla to defrosted dough ball.
  3. Roll dough out into a log.
  4. Cut rolled out dough into small bite sized pieces.
  5. Deep fry dough pieces in medium hot oil until golden brown.
  6. Top with a dusting of powdered sugar and serve warm.