The Apple (Pie) of America’s Eye

 - by Wholly Wholesome

My oh my, we sure love #ApplePie! We’re celebrating America’s favorite pie all month long. But have you ever wondered … how did apple pie become so beloved?

America’s Favorite Pie

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While the original apple pie recipe came from England, it rose in popularity in the states when the settlers colonized. Due to the abundance of fruit bearing trees and the ability to dry and store the fruit, apple pies rose in popularity in America.
Wholly Apple Pie
During the 1920’s the phrase “as American as apple pie” rose in popularity when it was used to describe the home making abilities of President Herbert Hoover’s wife. During the 1940’s the phrase took off during World War II, when interviewed soldiers would often say they were willing to fight for “mom and apple pie.”

Apple pie has become a symbol of American patriotism and a beloved dessert of the American people. All these fun facts leave you hungry for more? Celebrate the day in the best fashion… with a good ‘ole Wholly Wholesome Apple Pie.