Consumer Questions

It’s All About the Fruit

 - by Janeen Ortega

Last week we received a message from a consumer who was curious to know about the cherries we use in our Cherry Pie:

Wholly Wholesome Cherry Pie“We just bought the cherry pie and we are wondering if the cherries are fresh or from a can?”

Oakland, CA

What a great question to address in The Whole Cookie! The cherries—like all the fruits we use in our products—are what is called individually quick frozen (IQF) fruits.

IQF fruits are frozen within hours after they are harvested, locking in the flavor, nutrients, color and texture of fresh fruits. In the case of our apples and peaches, these fruits are peeled, sliced and treated with Vitamin C to preserve freshness and color before freezing.

This ultra-fast method of freezing the fruit to very cold temperatures (below -30°C) minimizes the formation of ice crystals, and stops microorganisms that normally cause the fruit to decay and deteriorate.

Leavening in our Pie Shells?

 - by Wholly Wholesome

This week a consumer wrote to us with a Passover-related question we though might be of interest to others as well:

“Is there any leaven in the flour that is used for your 9 inch pie shells? I ask because Passover and Unleavened Bread Feasts are coming soon for the Jews.  If leaven is in the pie shell then we have to abstain from the delicious shells for a week.”

Baltimore, MD

That’s a great question, because while we do not use leavening in our Organic Pie Shells (Traditional, Wheat and Spelt), and while these items are certified kosher (OU Pareve), they are not considered kosher for Passover because of the flour.  Any grain that has come into contact with water for more than 18 minutes is considered Chametz, and therefore not kosher for Passover.  For most people that eat Kosher for Passover this means only matzo and things made with matzo meal.

Thanks for asking!