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Tame the Beast (aka your freezer!)

 - by Wholly Wholesome


It’s official. Spring is here! We’re inspired to clear out the old and make room for the new. And that means our freezer, too. You haven’t forgotten about it, have you? Why, it’s more than just a chest to hold freezer burnt chicken and ice cream, you know!

Here’s our foolproof guide to spring cleaning your freezer … and stocking it with Wholly Wholesome!

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  1. Take Inventory: First things first. Take a look at what you have crammed in your freezer. Is the homemade soup you made last month still worthy of bringing back to life? It’s time to make some tough decisions.

To toss or to keep? That is the question. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you decide:

Meat + Poultry + Seafood
Bacon: 1 month in the freezer
Chicken: 6 months in the freezer
Cold Cuts: 2 months in the freezer
Fish Fillets: 6 months in the freezer
Raw Shrimp: 6 months in the freezer

Dairy + Eggs
Block Hard Cheese: 6 months in the freezer
Block Semi-Hard Cheese: 6 months in the freezer
Milk: 3 months in the freezer
Tofu: 5 months in the freezer
Yogurt: 2 months in the freezer

  1. Eat, Recycle, Toss: Plan to eat the food that still looks healthy and toss or recycle the food that doesn’t.

Pro Tip: Take a quick look at the food containers and boxes that are recyclable and learn to reduce your environmental impact just by cleaning out your freezer. It’s as simple as that!

  1. Pie CrustMove It On Up: Now, take a deep breath. You’ve just made major headway! Re-organize your freezer so that older items are at the front and newer items are at the back. Of course, your Wholly Wholesome Pie Crusts will make their way to the front and center, right?


How to Make Your Favorite
Desserts Healthier

 - by Wholly Wholesome

We’re jazzed about bringing you the best in all-natural desserts! From Wholly Gluten Free Pizza Dough to Crumblettes, there’s so much to love. We’re just as excited to share with you
5 simple ways to make your favorite desserts even healthier!

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Everyone loves a great #baking substitution. Aim for #healthy with #WhollyWholesome here: http://ctt.ec/72iad

Top 5 Baking Substitutions for Healthier Baking:

1. Black beans for flour. Purèed, black beans act as a great substitute for flour. Bonus! They also add protein and can help make your recipe gluten free!

2. Unsweetened applesauce for sugar. Don’t cut back on the sweetness! This substitution will make any dessert you make guilt-free. Baker beware: For every cup of applesauce you use, reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe by 1/4 cup.
Gluten Free Pie Crust
3. Wholly Gluten Free Pie Shell for … Anything your little heart desires! Our pie shell is Certified Vegan and Certified Gluten Free! Yum!

4. Chia seeds for eggs. Let one tablespoon of chia seeds soak in 1 cup of water for 15 minutes and voila! You’ve got a superfood substitution for an egg! Vegans, rejoice!

5. Avocado for butter. This healthy fat is rich, creamy, and the perfect substitute for any recipe that calls for heavy butter.

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A Peach of a Month to Celebrate

 - by Wholly Wholesome

Peachy Keen Sweet 16

Once known as Persian Apples, peaches offer a sweet, juicy reprieve from the summer heat. They’re fresh, light, and only 37 calories of pure deliciousness.

So, if you need to ask us why we’re celebrating #NationalPeachMonth, then you’ve got some peach lovin’ to catch up on. There’s nothing quite like a Peach Galette on a warm summer night! Visit us on Pinterest for this peach-inspired recipe and many, many more!

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There’s no fuzz about it. #NationalPeachMonth is better with #WhollyWholesome http://ctt.ec/6dy4l

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